Mum in stitches after postman leaves note about her ‘killer’ guard bunnies

Postmen and women up and down the land will no doubt have some war stories to share about overexcitable dogs on the other side of the letterbox.

However, few would believe a fluffy little bunny rabbit capable of causing such mayhem when ‘guarding’ their owner’s property.

Amused mum Erin Rushton has now revealed the rib-tickling note left by the postman after he came face to face with her three “super friendly”, and yet apparently quite intimidating, bunnies, Lola, Bonni, and Doc.

In the note, the harassed postie explained he’d had no choice but to leave Erin’s parcel elsewhere, explaining, “Cupboard side of house. Killer bunnies guarding!”

Erin, 29, purchased the trio of mischievous bunnies for her children during lockdown, in the hope they would help her daughter with her anxiety.

She says they love human company and running up to greet visitors, and so were no doubt thrilled to spot their new postie pal approaching.

Taking to Facebook with a snap of the comical note, Erin, who lives in Sheffield, wrote: “I have three free-roaming bunnies who can go anywhere in the garden and who love visitors.

“They are super friendly and will come bounding down to the gate when they see it open.”

She continued: “I can only imagine what the poor postman had to put up with when he came in! The bunnies are therapy animals and I originally bought them for my daughter to help with her anxiety.

“They’re always keen to say hello to anyone who comes and visits and I can imagine the postman had them run around his feet when he came by.

“Whether it’s the DPD or the milkman – when they hear the side gate rattle they’re there in a flash to greet them. The note was hilarious – it really made my afternoon!”

Erin’s Facebook post has since gone viral, and has given her followers a good chuckle at the furry gang of “tiny menacing thugs.”

One person wrote: “That’s brilliant, you need a sign for your gate, beware killer bunnies.”

Another joked: “Nobody said how they kill. Maybe he was afraid to die of cuteness.”